Training For Dangerous Jobs With Augmented Reality

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In an increasingly modern world, we are seeing the ways in which technology can continually improve and streamline processes to be faster, safer, and smarter. We have seen advancements

How Smart Glasses Will Change The Way We Look at Covid-19

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When Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic, governments around the world gave stay-at-home orders. It resulted in forcing all kinds of industries to change the way they were operating. Until

Why Aerospace Manufacturers Are Looking to Smart Wearables

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Ultimately, manufacturers are seeing that things are done faster, done right, and done once with a connected workforce leveraging smart glasses in 2021. Aerospace industries have complex manufacturing processes consisting

How Will Augmented Intelligence Disrupt The Manufacturing Industry in 2021?

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Both Augmented reality and Virtual reality are hugely promising and offer an immersive experience. Virtual reality technology transforms digital content into a life-like event. All you need to do is

6 Ways AI and AR Increases Performance & Safety in Manufacturing

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AI and AR Increases Performance & Safety in Manufacturing Technological advancements like greater bandwidth, imaging technologies, and digitized AI databases allow manufacturers to take advantage of augmented reality and artificial

Proven Ways Augmented Reality Can Help Increase Construction Efficiency

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Augmented Intelligence for Construction is Here to Stay As more and more new technologies emerge in the construction industry, it can be difficult to keep up with them all,