AI and AR Increases Performance & Safety in Manufacturing

Technological advancements like greater bandwidth, imaging technologies, and digitized AI databases allow manufacturers to take advantage of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. VREXA combines augmented reality with artificial intelligence to improve a very powerful platform.

VREXA has made it easy for manufacturers to transition into AR and AI with their turn-key solutions. They have customized solutions to meet everyone’s needs. VREXA is partnered with some of the most advanced smart glass companies in the world such as Google, Vuzix, and RealWear. Many companies have tried to venture into this arena on their own and realize the cost, knowledge, and confusion. VREXA takes the guesswork out and can onboard large companies in a matter of 10 days.

Over the past three decades, billions of dollars have been spent by companies on technology to increase the productivity of knowledge workers through automation, communication, and other enablers, and these have increased productivity throughout the economy. There has been much less focus on enhancing the productivity of industrial and technical workers through technology investments.

That is, until now. Advancements in technology—specifically, the confluence of greater bandwidth, imaging technologies, and digitized information—have led the way in creating a strong new tool to extend the productivity of the economic workforce, including assemblers, operators, and technicians in manufacturing.

How Manufacturers Are Increasing Worker Productivity

By using AI and augmenting the information, data, images, skills, or experience that workers can access in real-time through smartphones, tablets, or smart glasses, manufacturers can increase worker productivity by an order of magnitude. VREXA recommends smart glasses due to its hands-free capabilities.

Manufacturing production lines are complex and varied, and a bit of kit can require dozens of maintenance procedures that involve many components and sophisticated steps. Augmenting the talents of the workforce with remote expert assistance and equipment diagnostics through augmented reality (AR) brings benefits on many fronts.

“Augmented reality has proven to be successful at Airbus for helicopter inspections increasing side by side worker performance by 41%,” said Jim Paar, CEO of VREXA

With remote support through an AR device, technicians can access engineering data and digital annotations to guide them through a procedure. Vast digital libraries of recorded procedures are often accessed during a real-time site by an AR-equipped technician. Additionally, a repair technician can “broadcast” what they’re viewing to an expert off-site who views the video or images and may diagnose an issue; technical experts are not any longer needed in every location. AR often pays for itself in saved travel costs alone. It also can help stem the loss of tribal knowledge as experienced, technically skilled workers still retire.

The capabilities and benefits of AR-based information and instruction transcend those of static, hard-copy instruction manuals. AR information is often delivered step-by-step in real-time and in context; are often presented as any combination of straightforward 2D and sophisticated 3D digital assets, and it is often viewed without shifting attention faraway from a workpiece. Digital instructions are often remotely updated one time to reflect changes in product design or new best practices and distributed widely to a foreign workforce.

Reducing Remote Inspection & Surveying

Remote inspection and surveying reduce transportation costs. Detailed visual information can easily be transmitted directly to technicians who can evaluate it and determine the status or safety of equipment, materials, or infrastructure. This is often carried out by exploiting the remote nature of drones and other unattended vehicles and platforms.

Remote OEM Technical Field Support

AI and AR is particularly valuable in servicing complicated pieces of equipment or facilities with few experienced personnel. It can be used to deliver expert support remotely from the OEM without needing to physically bring in specialists. For example, the aviation industry uses AR for maintenance and repair operations given the high level of technical expertise required. Service technicians can tap into databases of knowledge and technical information to access the information when they need it. BMW is currently a large partner-customer of VREXA in the automotive industry.

How VREXA AI is Creating a Healthier Workplace to Reduce Injuries

Thinking of a construction site, a picture of hard and sudatory work might come to your mind. But the various jobs are not only exhausting, but they can also be dangerous. In order to prevent health issues, lots of effort go into monitoring and balancing the stress level of workers, who do ergonomically critical work.

VREXA has set the goal to create a healthier working environment for skilled trade craftsmen. While operating e.g. on a construction site an intelligent assistance system enables employers and employees to keep track of the workload executed by the individual laborer. Every worker wears a network of sensors, sending alerts when the physical stress level is strained. Furthermore, the company is able to balance the occupancy rates and operational areas by individual scheduling as all deployments are monitored.

How To Train With 90% Retention and Improved Safety

VREXA has developed workflows for manufacturer workers to follow to reduce errors and increase production. “We are so confident of our digitized AR workflows we can send a brand new employee into the workspace with little or no training, we have even developed digitized mapping to caution employees of hazards,” said Jim Paar, CEO of VREXA. AR can guide a technician remotely through learning a new process with greater levels of learning over classroom instruction. It has been widely demonstrated that guiding someone through a task and showing them how to do it visually—thus experientially—has a greater impact on learning than classroom learning. Training a remote workforce is a strong use case for AR.

VREXA AI and AR Market Predictionar smart glasses for manufacturing

AR is growing within the manufacturing technology ecosystem, although it still faces some challenges. Industrial workers typically have a low tolerance for brand spanking new technology or new processes that appear to urge within the way of completing their work or impacting their quotas. they have to urge value from it briefly order, or they’re going to not use it. Any technology-based addition to the workload of commercial workers will only gain acceptance and traction if it’s genuinely easy to use.

“We have found that the manufacturing market still features a few misconceptions about AI and AR, but when customers see that the applications of AR and AI are extremely practical and easy, they understand how it can potentially benefit them,” said Paar. “They often search for opportunities where the technology is probably going to supply a step level change in their business, something with a ten to twenty impact on ROI.”

AR is projected to still grow rapidly as use cases become more widely communicated. PwC estimates that quite 14 million workers will wear smart glasses by 2025, up from 400,000 in 2016. VREXA believes they will be some type of smart glasses with AI built-in such as the VREXA solutions.

Advancements in technology have led the way in creating AR as a strong new tool to extend the productivity of the manufacturing workforce. By augmenting the knowledge, data, images, skills, or experience that workers can access in real-time through smartphones, tablets, or smart glasses, manufacturers can increase worker productivity by an order of magnitude.

AR is additionally helping stem the loss of tribal knowledge as experienced, technically skilled workers retire. There are five main categories of use cases for AR: maintenance and repair, technical field support, inspection and surveying, cargo and warehouse operations, and training and compliance.

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